Children’s Ministry

Children's Sunday School Sundays 9-10 am

Sunday School takes place before the morning worship service, meeting from 9:00-10:00 am in the upper level. Sunday School is not in session during the summer months.

We have a Sunday School class for four-year-olds through approximately 4th grade. These kids are exploring Family Life with God! We are using DiscipleLand Core Bible curriculum. We are discovering how Bible families lived: the way they did chores, how their homes looked, what they ate and wore, and much more. We also find that we share many similarities with Bible-times people. The most important truths we discover are about our wonderful God. The targets are to:

          KNOW – develop Biblical knowledge
          BE – display Christlike character
          DO – demonstrate faithful conduct

We also have a Sunday School for our Middler’s, designed for those approximately 5th grade and up. This group is studying their faith, and learning how to discuss and articulate it. We are using DiscipleLand Core Bible curriculum as a basis for study.

We have volunteer prayer partners for each student. We learn by singing, through activities, and by hearing stories, testimonies, and lessons. Crafts reinforce the topics. We collect an offering for World Vision. We sing in church a few times a year, which is a fun way to share what we're learning with the congregation.

Good News Club Thursdays 7-8 pm

Summer Camp for Kids

5-Day Club