Funeral Guide

Luncheon Information

Although many churches no longer offer this ministry, we believe that surrounding the family with love by providing a simple meal is an important part of our ministry at St. Paul's. With cemeteries spread out across the Twin Cities, you will find that serving lunch immediately after the funeral service will work the best. If this does not fit your situation, we will work out an alternate plan with you.

St. Paul's Church Women will provide salads and cake and serve the meal. If the family would also like ham sandwiches, pickles, etc., the St. Paul's Church Women will be happy to obtain these supplies and prepare the meal. The family has the option of taking home or donating leftover food. The St. Paul's Church Women hostess will need to be paid for this food. 

St. Paul's Church offers 4 options for funeral receptions:

$2 Per Person:  Dessert and Coffee

$3 Per Person:  Cheese, Crackers, Dessert, Nuts and Coffee

$4 Per Person:  Ham Sandwiches, Turkey Sandwiches, Pickles, Potato Chips, Coffee

$5 Per Person:  Ham Sandwiches, Turkey Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Veggie Trays, Potato Chips, Coffee

If you would like to talk with the Funeral Lunch Coordinator about other options or possibly a hot meal, please ask the Office for her number. 

We will need to know:

  • The approximate number of people to be served

  • If the family wishes to donate any additional food items

We request that any donation for this expense be clearly designated for St. Paul's Church Women.

Please call the Church office 612-874-0133 to make arrangements for the funeral service and the lunch.

  • Church office 612-874-0133

  • Organist (call the church office)

  • Funeral Lunch Coordinator (call the church office)

You may obtain the name and telephone number of the current St. Paul's Church Women Kitchen Coordinator from the church office if you desire further information.

Suggested Honoraria

  • Pastor — $200

  • Organist —minimum $125

  • Soloist (if provided by St. Paul's) —minimum $75

  • Custodian—minimum $75

  • Meal Coordinator—minimum $125

  • Sound Tech —minimum $75

Funeral Checklist

____1) Call Pastor and set up time to meet; also to set time for funeral in cooperation with funeral director.

____2) Call Church Office, and get name and telephone number for Kitchen Coordinator to set up luncheon. This should be done as soon as funeral time is set. Estimate the of number of people to be served.

Dear Friends in Christ,

We hurt with you today, and we rejoice in Jesus' promises of eternal life. We are honored and blessed to serve you as you plan the funeral of your loved one. 

Now come all the details of planning the visitation, service, interment and luncheon. Your funeral director will do a fine job of helping you with many of the details regarding their services. This booklet is to help you begin to plan the "church" part of the funeral.

We desire to plan every worship service of Christian burial as a time which is deeply respectful, celebrative, joyful and personal. I would like to meet with your family at the beginning of your planning process. At that time we will discuss the choice of hymns, Bible passages and other aspects of the worship service. Also, I will want to hear about special aspects of your loved one's life you would like to highlight in the service. Please call our office as you begin to plan the funeral. 

We also wish to walk with you through these upcoming weeks and months, with grief counseling and referral services. Please call us if we can help in any way.

Pastor Russ Grigsby

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church