Our Beliefs

Authority of the Word
We joyfully hold up the Bible as the inspired Word of God—without error and purely dependable in matters of faith and salvation.

Salvation by Grace through Faith alone
We celebrate the main tenet of the Luther's Reformation of the Church: that salvation comes through faith alone, not by works—and is available to all by the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

Honesty with the Word when dealing with Scripture
We do not pick and choose which parts of the Bible we accept, but we wrestle with Scripture to understand its meaning in this time and culture.

A large enough group of people who really love the Lord
Our people are passionate in their love and devotion for their Savior.

Worship of Jesus
We do not worship a generic "god" but worship the Triune God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We recognize God the Son to be Jesus, who is fully human and fully God—the one who shed His blood for our freedom from sin, death, and the devil.

Belief in and the practice of prayer
Praising, thanking, repenting, listening, interceding—we communicate with the Lord on behalf of ourselves, our community, our city, and the world.

Mission focus, support, & knowledge

  • We are active in global as well as local missions.

  • We support missionaries on five continents.

  • Our members come from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Investment of money & energy outward
Our lives, our energy, and our resources are spent in service to the community and the world, not on ourselves.

Operation as a family

  • Eldership: we believe in raising up leaders for the Kingdom of God, passing wisdom on from generation to generation.

  • We function as a place of refuge for the lonely and brokenhearted.

Porous social/power structure
Newcomers are warmly welcomed and quickly integrated into the life and organization of the congregation.

Culture of consensus
We come to decisions through prayer, consensus, respect, and reciprocal listening.

Humility—openness to brokenness
We recognize that we all are sinners in need of healing and are open to other broken people joining us.

Repentance & healing

  • Through confessing our sins and hearing the Good News that we are forgiven by God's action and not our own efforts, we receive healing.

  • We have seen God do miraculous healing—physical, emotional, relational and spiritual.

A place where questions and honest seekers are truly welcome
Christian education is at the heart of our ministry: we are dedicated to "Healing the Heart of the City" and we help others to join us in this mission through training including Mission Shift.